Friday, 15 August 2014

Dido Belle – Her Story

‘there are few paintings which attract as much interest and admiration as that of the portrait of Lady Elizabeth Murray and Dido Elizabeth Murray, by Johann Zoffany, which hangs in the Ambassador’s room at Scone Palace. The story of Dido is one of controversy, as the illegitimate daughter of a Royal Navy Captain and an African slave woman and has been brought to life through the recent major movie, Belle. Dido was raised by her great uncle, the 1st Earl of Mansfield who left Scone Palace as a thirteen year old boy and went on to become Lord Chief Justice and one of the most influential figures in legal history. To coincide with the film, we have staged an exhibition not only telling of her extraordinary life, but also her life in the context of legal history.’

9th May – 31st October

Visit our ‘Dido Belle – Her Story’ Exhibition which tells the unique story of Elizabeth Dido Belle, whose portrait hangs here at Scone Palace and is the subject of the forthcoming feature film – ‘Belle’. 

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