Tuesday, 20 May 2014

CIE Tours International UK Awards of Excellence

Dublin- based tour operator, CIE Tours International predicts a bumper rise in take-up of its Scottish schedules this year thanks to Homecoming Scotland 2014, the year-long celebration of tourist events.

CIE enjoyed a 20% increase in visitors to Ireland last year, half of which they believe were attracted by The Gathering, a series of cultural events intended to appeal to the North American market. The Company believes that Homecoming Scotland will have a similar effect, by attracting an additional 2000 customers to Scotland, accounting for at least half of its anticipated 35% growth in 2014. The additional customers alone are expected to spend £2.4million during their stays.

Over recent years the Company has been expanding its offer to include Scotland and the rest of the UK, with this area of its business growing by 50% last year.  In 2013, the company brought almost 11,000 visitors to the UK.

Short tours which visit both Ireland and Scotland and are marketed as a “Taste of Ireland and Scotland”, are particularly popular, increasing from one tour per
 week in the summer season four years ago, to three tours per week this year.  The Company has also been able to extend its season, which now runs from early March to November.

At a reception in Glasgow on Thursday 3rd April, Brian Stack, the Managing Director of CIE International presented UK Awards of Excellence to 31 partners from throughout the UK, which were selected according to feedback from 11,000 customers on 259 providers of accommodation, dining, tours and attractions. Awards are presented to those achieving over 90% in the satisfaction surveys.
Commenting on the Company’s growth, Brian Stack, Managing Director of CIE Tours International said: “Our merit awards recognise that our continued growth is due to the efforts of thousands of people up and down the country who are focused on providing excellent service.”

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