Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The Homecoming Scotland effect

When the Scotts were one of the most powerful reiving families in the Borders their call to battle could put 600 men in the saddle in less than an hour. The clash of fire and steel reverberated across the Borderland as men from all clans fought to protect hearth and home. Those days may be long gone, but as part of Homecoming 2009 the Duke of Buccleuch is putting out a call to all Border families, of all clans, families and allegiances, to attend ‘The Muster’ at Bowhill on Saturday 26th September.

This exciting event and indeed the year of Homecoming has made Bowhill staff concentrate on the roots of the Buccleuch family and how the collection is what it is today.

Bowhill houses one of the most impressive private art, furniture, silver and porcelain collections in Scotland.

The 5th Duke, Walter Francis, was responsible for much of the building and for collecting many of the breathtaking treasures. He was a passionate collector and had a great interest in miniatures and today the Buccleuch collection of miniatures is second only to the Royal collection.

The Buccleuch family name is Montagu Douglas Scott, inheritances from the various families are on display, and there are items from the Campbell’s of Argyll through an earlier marriage. A guided tour of Bowhill gives the visitor the story of the Buccleuch family and how the collection came together.

Groups can visit all year round by appointment
Contacts 0175022204, bht@buccleuch.com www.bowhill.org

Walter Francis, 5th Duke of Buccleuch by George Richmond, R.A. Courtesy of the Trustees of the Ninth Duke of Buccleuch’s Chattels Fund

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